March 29 Kid’s Sunday School, “Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears”

Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears

Address kids fears head on by exploring how Jesus’ power calms our fears.

If you want to follow along, this Bible story is in Mark 4:35-41.
Wow! Jesus’ power calmed the fears of his friends—and calmed the storm! When our fears feel like a swirling storm inside of us, we can turn to Jesus. Jesus’ power calms our fears.
  • Pause the video to talk about this question: Why would people push God away when they’re scared. Now pause the video to talk with your family about this: How can we get closer to Jesus when we’re afraid about Coronavirus?
  • In our Bible story, Jesus’ friends didn’t push him away. They went to Jesus with their fears, and he helped them! We can do the same thing because Jesus’ power calms our fears.