Grow Rooted Kids” Children’s Ministry of Sunbury Bible Church

Children Discovering Jesus and Growing in Him is our vision for Grow Rooted Kids. Grow Rooted Kids comes from Colossians 2:6-7 where Paul uses the illustration of us being rooted in Christ. Just as plants and trees draw nourishment from the soil through their roots, so we need to draw our life giving strength from Christ.  Receiving Jesus as Lord of our life is the beginning of life with Christ Jesus, but you must continue to follow his leadership by being rooted, built up, and strengthened in the faith.  Here at Sunbury Bible Church we strive to help children discover Jesus and grow in Him through various means, programs, and events. 


Sunday School Classes meet from 9:00-10:00am.  Our classes are broken down by these various age groups:  Sweet Peas our Nursery (Infants – 2 Years Old), Sprouts (3-Preschool), Seedlings (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade), and Saplings (3rd-5th

Grade).  Each of the classes are taught various life lessons that are hands on and age appropriate. 

“Young Explorer’s” Our Children’s Program during the 10:30am Worship Service. Children are placed into age appropriate GROWTH GROUPS

with a consistent rotation of adult leaders and our “H20 Servers” (Jr/High School Students), of which they will remain in this group for the various elements we will be partaking of during their hour in the program. An hour looks something like this:
  • 10 minute catch up with the children and prayer time.
  • Sing Interactive Children’s Songs together by one of our Praise & Worship Members.
  • Explore It Time – 10-15 minutes Teaching Time from the Bible, which involves hands on learning.
  • Growth Groups to bring home the lesson taught.
  • Time Pending and what is Happening Week to Week, we will incorporate an Activity, Game or a Craft.


We also have two other programs in place that allow our children to serve in their sweet spots.

These programs are: the “Little Sunbeam Servants” (Kindergarten-5th Grade) who are able to shine the light of Jesus with those younger than themselves and our “H20 Servers”

(High School & Middle School Teens) who will help water the spiritual seeds planted in our children through various ways that best fit their sweet spots.  Whether it is playing toys with toddlers, helping adult teachers with lesson, crafts, activities, helping to run a small group or perhaps helping with our technology department. If your child or teen desires to serve in either of these two Programs, we will run them through a mini training before they can officially start serving. What a great opportunity this is for children/teens to give back to God through service.